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Connecting junior tennis players through tennis

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Click the button below to start scheduling a session with one of our experienced hitters!

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How it works

  1. After you schedule a hit on this website, we will find a hitting partner for you as soon as we can using information about location, time, and preferred level.

  2. Once we find a hitting partner for you, both parties will be notified via email that they have been matched up. The email will contain time, location, and name of the other person.

  3. Once both parties confirm the session, we will send the player a link for payment. The hitter's rate will be determined by their level. The payment will include the hitter's rate, along with a small fee. Proceeds will go to a charity of the player's choice [List of Charities].

  4. The payment can be refunded up until 24 hours of the hit.

  5. All the hits are logged, then every month we will release a summary of the totals donations to all the charities with receipts!

  6. If you have any questions, go to the contact page or reach out to! (not

Donations are greatly appreciated!
To donate or for any questions, please contact:

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