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Become a Hitter

Apply with the form below!

Follow the steps below and we'll match you with a player as soon as we can!

  • Be sure your UTR is above 6

  • Make a copy of the form above, and fill out all of the information

  • Make the document link available to view for anyone with the link, and email with the link

  • Create a Venmo account for the payments

  • When a player submits a request for a hit, we will reach out to you to see if you're available on the requested date (if you did not fill out you availability on your form).

  • If you did fill out availability, try to keep it updated as much as possible to avoid confusion.

  • We will match you with a player as soon as we can!

  • Both the hitter and the player will receive a confirmation email once matched, containing names, date, and location

  • Respond with confirmation or state that you can't do it

  • Some small percentage of the player's payment will go to charity, the other part (equal to the hitter's rate) will go to the hitter

  • Every month we will release a summary of the totals donations to all the charities with receipts.


Thank you so much for being part of this initiative!

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